Brusho - Acrylic Mist Spray 60ml

Brusho - Acrylic Mist Spray 60ml


Quick and easy sprays that deliver a fine mist in beautiful, rich, vibrant colours which are acid free, archival safe and non toxic. They produce stunning results in rich, vibrant colours ideal for creative projects on paper, card, board, in silk paper making, on Bondaweb, Lutrador and on fabric such as silk where they leave a soft handle. You can also remove the spray pump and dip in a brush to create even more shimmering effects - make sure before you spray them that you shake them well (ideally from side to side).

 1. For a light, evenly misted look hold Brusho® Mist away from your project, and spray, such as you would when applying hairspray.

2. For a thicker, raindrop application hold Brusho® Mist closer to your project while spraying. Do not move the sprayer too much, or too fast.

3. For a pooling effect, which gives intense colour, spray Brusho® Mist very closely and directly above your project. You can let Brusho® Mist or air dry or use a heat tool to speed up the drying process. Please note that stunning affects can be achieved using just one Brusho® Mist or try layering multiple colours also adds a beautiful richness to your projects.

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